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Receive private online tutoring.

Receive Private Online Tutoring from an experienced, professional educator.

Don’t be left behind.  Get the training that you need to succeed.

Learn from Tamar, a native English speaker who is a caring, kind educator.

Tamar is licensed and certified to teach speakers of other languages, and to teach multiple subjects to all ages and all grades, preschool through 12th grade.  Tamar Osher provides high quality education services for students of all ages: preschool elementary, junior high, senior high, college & career, and adults.

Gifted and special needs, all situations.

Tamar Osher creates and designs individualized education services and products for YOU.

Tamar Osher seeks out new educational resources to provide a wide range of services and special topics.

Individualized online services, designed for you!

  • For college and career adults: Improve your communication skills for business English
  • For children: ONLINE LEARNING, grades K-12
  • Personalized learning
  • Individualized lessons to match each student’s goals, talents, and skills
  • Teaching healthy lifestyles
  • Discovery method with exciting, fun attitude
  • Learn-by-doing - lessons & projects
  • Develop responsibility, study skills, and communication skills
  • Getting accepted into the school of your choice
  • Topics and lessons are student-led


Tamar Osher, Ed.M., provides tutoring for all types of communication needs and skills.

  1. business English
  2. speaking skills
  3. writing
  4. academics
  5. traveling
  6. presentations
  7. group dynamics
  8. cooperative working groups


Become fluent in English with private, online, ongoing, 1:1 tutoring from expert educator Tamar Osher.

Individualized, online lessons designed only for you!

With ease and comfort, quickly improve your English pronunciation.

Improve your communication skills for listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Style your business relationships and get the lifestyle that you want.

Receive expert, professional tutoring from a caring, licensed teacher who will take care of you.

Rise to the top quickly, and with no effort, when Tamar Osher is working for you.



from an online high school student in Shanghai, year 2016

Talking with Ms. Osher makes me more confidant and helps me communicate in English fluently.


from a co-worker who is a Chinese English teacher, year 2016

I highly recommend Tamar for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization.


from a co-worker who is an English teacher, year 2016

Tamar is a highly effective communicator diligent in her teaching. Her experience and expertise place her at the top of her profession. She is an outstanding educator, loved and respected by her colleagues and students. I highly recommend employing her.



from an online business English student in Asia, year 2016

I like your teaching.
In our lessons, you always encourage me to speak more.  
You help me express myself well.  
You make me feel warm and relaxed, to enjoy our conversation.  
You help me understand how to speak like a native speaker.  
You corrected my words and taught me how to write a formal letter.



from an online business English student in Taiwan, year 2015

“ 正向思考,教學態度認真,教學內容完全配合學生須求,是一位值得推薦的好老師。 ” - 學生 (OCT. 18, 2015)



from an online business English student in China, year 2014

In 2012, I was nominated to go through our company's LAP (Leadership Assessment Process) before being promoted to a partner, an extremely significant achievement and recognition for a consultant.

As a global integrated company, IBM requires me to widely collaborate across IBM.
That's why I decided to learn English again in year 2012, after having graduated from university 15+ years earlier!

Luckily enough, a friend of mine recommended Tamar Osher to me.
She is such an excellent English teacher!

Twice a week, it's never boring to take her English lessons.

She spends a lot of time before each lesson searching materials which I am interested in, and are most helpful to me as well.

Once every month, we change the topic of the lessons.

It's been two years now and I've made great progress in my English skills and in my career as well.

Enthusiasm is the key to success, and Ms. Tamar Osher is always enthusiastic and also makes me enjoy the learning very much.


from a licensed school principal and former supervisor, year 2014

Tamar is a great teacher and friend!

During the time Tamar has worked with me, she has shown herself to be a real hardworking person, with an earnest style that puts people at ease, with excellent written and verbal skills, as well as being computer literate, organized, and knowledgeable.

Tamar is able to connect to others and bring out the best in them.

She is constantly interested in learning new techniques and methodology, and never feels that she already "knows it all".

Tamar takes the initiative and accomplishes her tasks with a smile and a positive attitude, despite all challenges.

Tamar would be a great addition to any team!


from a professional, state-certified educator, year 2014

Tamar is a highly dedicated and conscientious professional with excellent educational skills and nutrition knowledge.
She is a wonderful asset to any classroom, group, or situation.
She is very detail-oriented.
She exhumes enthusiasm and creativity in any project she's involved in.
She is able to work with all levels and invites participation.


from a customer, year 2010

Tamar is able to help.  She has a nice tone every time she speaks.  Tamar is exceptionally nice and very efficient.  Talking to Tamar always makes me confidant.


from a customer, year 2010

Tamar is very sweet, kind, and understanding, and I appreciate it.


from a customer, year 2010

It's a pleasure speaking with Tamar, she's pleasant and fantastic.  She listens to the dilemma and gives lots of options to resolve the issue - that are easy to do.


from a customer, year 2010

Tamar Osher provides excellent service.  She is wonderful, gracious, courteous, and efficient.


Receive high quality teaching and reliable service from Tamar Osher, a compassionate, trustworthy teacher who is dependable and exciting.

Enjoy the magnificent experience

and the lifetime benefits of working with Tamar Osher.


Each client is unique and special, and receives individualized attention.

Tamar Osher delivers personalized, self-paced, modern, online learning with a student-focused style of innovation.  

Have your own private, experienced, credentialed teacher - Tamar Osher, Ed.M.

  • Individualized lessons for every student
  • Meeting the special needs of English language learners

Receive individualized learning to help you reach your goals.
Receive special attention and get the help you need and want.
Appointment times that are convenient for you.
Flexible hours and an easy schedule that you can change to fit your needs


Let's start having fun. 

Contact Tamar Osher today.

Receive coaching to improve your communication skills.

Receive coaching to improve your communication skills.

Save time and money by working with Tamar Osher.

Tamar Osher creates and designs individualized online services for you.
Enjoy expert services with guaranteed success.
All services are prepaid.

Enjoy lifetime benefits.

Receive individualized social-emotional coaching to become flexible, resilient, cooperative, respectful, and patient.

Tamar Osher emphasizes relationships that are peaceful and trustworthy.  Let’s live!
Tamar provides coaching to become proficient with relationship management.
Tamar provides coaching for interpersonal and group communications.
Tamar provides coaching to create and manage cooperative working groups.

Tamar teaches, leads, and manages with compassion, caring, dedication, and patience.

Receive private, trustworthy, online assistance for your unique situation.

Receive creative, individually designed projects upon request.



I will coach you, so that you deliver better public speaking performances.
I will tutor you, so that you communicate better in English.
I will work with you, so that you and your project succeed. 

Editing and Proofreading:

Receive editing and proofreading, for academics, career, and business.

Recent Previous Projects



Created individualized lessons.  Taught all subjects for online students in 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 6th grade.  Years 2021-2022 in USA



Created individualized lessons.  Taught all subjects in a multiple grade, elementary classroom, teaching 100% online and in-person at the same time, for students in grades 2, 3, 4, and 5.  Provided consultation about best practices for teaching online.  Years 2019-2021 in USA





  • Israel, in the Middle East, almost 2 years
  • Taiwan, in Asia, 3.5 years




Ed.M., Elementary Education, School of Education, Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts.  Focused on people management, group dynamics, cooperative working groups, teaching English to speakers of other languages, and a global perspective.


B.S., Nutrition and Food Science, School of Home Economics, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.  Graduated with Honors.  Completed both a science degree and a health professions program.  Coordinated Undergraduate Program in Dietetics, Registered Dietitian #15560.

Learn English from an experienced, professional educator.

Save time and money by working with Tamar Osher.

Begin working with me, Tamar Osher.  I listen to you and do what you want.

Improve your business English skills.
Achieve fluency in English as a foreign language.
Improve your pronunciation quickly, with ease and comfort.
Communicate easily, quickly, and accurately.
Become a more effective English speaker.
Improve your listening, reading, and writing.
Receive professional mentoring and coaching.

Tamar Osher is dedicated to your success.
Tamar Osher is a caring and compassionate teacher.
Tamar Osher is patient. Tamar Osher is organized and efficient with your time.
Tamar Osher is creative, and prepares exciting individualized lessons.
Tamar Osher is fun to be with.

Let’s start having fun!
Guaranteed success!

Begin improving your communications today, by working with Tamar Osher, Ed.M.

Work with Tamar Osher and enjoy lifetime benefits.



Make more money.
Achieve the life goals that you are dreaming of.
Receive academic tutoring and coaching.
Receive expert counseling for your unique social situation.
Receive tutoring and coaching for relationships and emotional intelligence.

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Answer: All services are prepaid.  Services and products become available immediately after payment has been received.


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